The Pioneer PTA Art Program is funded solely by the generous donations of the Pioneer parent community. The annual PTA budget provides for an art teacher stipend and art supply funding. The PTA art teacher, LaRease Profaci, provides art instruction to every class in TK to 6th grades. Ms. Profaci works collaboratively with teachers to develop art projects that are relevant to classroom curriculum. 

The following are examples of art pieces created by our K-6 grade students. Keep checking back to see more postings of amazing artwork!


First Grade

Students read “The Cat and the Bird” by Geraldine Elschner that discusses the artistic style of Paul Klee. They created a direct line drawing in oil crayon, and filled it in by blending chalk pastels to create this whimsical abstract cat.

Value Jellyfish

Third Grade

Students learned how to create a value scale using tempera paint. The oil pastels and chalk jellyfish were accented with black seaweed and paint splatter bubbles for dimension. The result is a beautiful mixed media painting with rich color and fun shapes.

Egyptian Copper Tooling

Sixth Grade


Fourth Grade

Students worked hard on their Matisse-inspired dancers. The paper collage project focused on creating movement in a composition using a variety of shapes, bold lines and lots of color.

Abstract Self Portraits like PICASSO

Second Grade

Students learned about Picasso’s cubist period through the book, “Just Behave, Pablo Picasso!” by Jonah Winter. Then they created their own abstract portrait using black marker and watercolor.


Colorful Circles like KANDINSKY


Students read “The Noisy Paintbox” by Barb Rosenstock that highlights the use of colors and shapes in Kandinsky’s art. The students created their own colorful piece of circle art using paper cutouts and oil pastels.

El Dia De Los Muertos 

Fifth Grade

Students created brilliant sugar skulls using symmetry in a line drawing, bold colors, paper collage  flowers and glitter for added impact.

ANDY WARHOL inspired Pop Art Hands

Second Grade

Oak Leaves like O'KEEFE

Sixth Grade

Watercolor Oak Leaves. Students drew large oak leaves with oil pastels and painted them using a wet-on-wet watercolor technique. The results were beautiful fluid leaves inspired by the paintings of Georgia O’Keefe.