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Important Attendance Office Information 

Q: My child is absent. How do I let the school know?

A: Call the office attendance line at 757-5480 ext.2 or email Ms. Odie at before 9am. Include:

  • Your child’s legal name and ID number

  • Your name

  • Teacher's name

  • Date(s) of absence
  • Reason for the absence

  • Parent/guardian phone number

AND to make up missed classwork and collect assignment, please contact your student's teacher.

During virtual school, the following Q&A do not apply:

Q: What if my child arrives late to school?

A: Students need to come to the office to check in and receive a late slip to be able to enter the classroom.

Q: I need to pick up my child for an appointment. How do I get her out of school?

A: Come to the office to sign your student out in the binder on the counter. The office staff will call the classroom teacher to have your student meet you in the office.


Q: I am going to be on campus briefly and/or I will be volunteering in my child’s classroom. Do I need to check in?

A: YES! Please use the office Raptor system in the front office to check in and out if you are going to be on campus or in the classroom. If you have never registered for Raptor, you will need to bring in your driver’s license or photo i.d. for the first time. IT IS SO EASY!!!!

Q: We are going on vacation for more than 5 days. How do I report my child’s absence and to pick up my child's school work?

A: DJUSD approves Travel Study for leaves between 5-10 days, with a maximum of 15 days total per school year. Prior to your trip, we strongly urge you to request Independent Study for your child during the time you are gone so that your child’s teacher can provide school work during the travel time and DJUSD will receive funding for the days your child misses. Please contact the school office and your child’s teacher at least two week prior to travel. If you anticipate an absence longer than two weeks, please contact Principal Astin.

Q: How do I put money in my child's school lunch account to purchase breakfast or lunch?

A: You can bring cash or check to the school office or go online to to set up an account. You will need your student's ID number.

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