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Gear Heads Workshop


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  • Builders

  • Artists

  • Explorers

  • Creators

  • Inventors

  • Makers

  • Dreamers



  • July 6-29, 2020

  • Mondays and Wednesdays

  • 4pm - 5:30pm 


  • Di-STEM is FREE 


  • Di-STEM is intentionally inclusive. Please read "About Gear Heads." 

  • Kids must live in the city of Davis, in order to receive their kits.

  • Limited to 30 kids


How do I sign up?   

  • By June 26, email Tamie LeBar  with the following information:

    • Parent's full name, contact phone and email; this email will also be used for Workshop Webex invites.

    • Child's full name and grade level

    • Indicate if there are any dates when your kid is unavailable, in case another child that is 'waitlisted' can attend for those dates.

  • By June 29, Tamie will email parents  with confirmation and details.



About the workshops...

What are the Di-STEM projects?

The following 5 projects are the first ones planned for the summer.  Depending on how quickly the kiddos move through the units, time, interest, and availability of new project supplies, more will be added. 😊

Catapult / Simple Machines & Mechanics
Simple machines are devices we use to make work easier -- door knobs, ramps, can openers, wagons, wheelbarrows. Kids will build their own simple machine, theorize about how energy is transferred to objects that are propelled through the air. Hopefully we can get together with COVID protocols and have some fun competition!


Clean Water / Clean Water Engineering
180 million people lack access to clean water. Students will engineer a filtration system that eliminates the dirt contained in the water sample and results in clear, clean water. Pasteurization is also an included activity to demonstrate water purification.


Newton’s Car / Motion and Design
Focus will be on t
he principle of "Newton’s Third Law of Motion" and precision assembly as they construct their rocket car. Consideration of symmetry, friction, and other variables will ensure a fast car --- and hopefully we can get together with COVID protocols and race them!


Periscopes / Reflection and Symmetry

This activity introduces the basic principles of optics and light. Each club member constructs a simple periscope to explore things that are not in their direct line of vision.


Oobleck / Properties of Matter
Kids learn to think like scientists by investigating this mysterious substance called Oobleck, by basically making our own Quick Sand! By understanding matter in nature, there's no reason to fear it. --- and hopefully we can get together with COVID protocols and test a large tub of quick sand!

How will this work during COVID?   

These will be virtual workshops, similar to those hosted by teachers during the school year. Kids will teleconference (webex or zoom) into the sessions at their scheduled time slot for instruction, and working and sharing with their groups. 

What about materials and supplies? 

This program is hands-on and will require some basic material and supplies. As such, FREE kits will be dropped off at homes at least 2-3 days before virtual sessions. Majority of the equipment will be supplied, but there may be times when household items may be needed, such as scissors, pencil or tape. A materials list will be published at least 1 week in advance so that parents are aware of the contents and material to be used.

What about a work space? 

For these projects, a countertop or table is fine. The important part is being able to see the Teleconference while working on the project. 

A desired goal is also for the kids to meet up in-person from time to time, so that they may share their contraptions and we can have some friendly competitions. The idea would be to do this in an open outdoor environment and following COVID safety protocols.

Welcome to engineering and technology... 

We will learn what works and what doesn't, we will make adjustments, move and continuously improve - learn, adjust, move, learn some more, make adjustments, and so on. By the last session, we will have this nailed! 😊 If this isn't technology and engineering in action, I don't know what is! 


Thank you to our sponsor, Keysight Technologies Inc., and key partners, Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and Youth Exploration in Science (YES!)

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