Actively pursue and create opportunities for students, parents, teachers, and staff to work together to accomplish academic and community-oriented goals.



Primarily to help the PTA foster communication between parents and teachers regarding the activities and issues affecting Pioneer. Additionally, your PTA dues help offset the costs of event notices and the school directory; the cost of operating a non-profit organization such as insurance and bank charges; and payment of the parent PTA organization (Third District) PTA dues. Also, unless you are a member of the PTA, you cannot vote on PTA business matters at PTA meetings.

2021-22 Board Members

2021-22 Committee Chairs and Program Coordinators

Click on the position title for duty descriptions:
President - Swapna Panigrahi
Executive VP -Isaac Stevens
Secretary - Corie Calfee
Treasurer - Tiffany Yost
Membership VP - Kellie Black-Holcroft
Enrichment VP - Tishan Cowan
Communication VP - Gretchen Tornabene
Auditor - Gary Lau
Fundraising VP - April Donald
Financial Secretary - Joanie Daly

Principal - Mr. Ron Thomas
Teacher Reps - Len Fingerman 

Fundraising Programs
Auction Chairs - Sara Henrichon & Katherine Geis
Book Fair Coordinators - Joanie Brisbin, Tiffany Yost, Eli Alston-Stepnitz
Dog Dash Coordinator - Lisa Herrington

Communication Programs
Classroom Representative Coordinator - Cassie Farinksky              Classroom Reps
Pioneer PTA Website - Rebecca Hunter
School Directory Committee - Dao Choi 


Membership & Community Programs
Fall Festival Coordinators - VACANT
Family Movie Night - Doug Sulenta
Hospitality Chair - VACANT
Red Ribbon Week ChairVACANT
Science Night Chair - Liz and Ari Badar-Natal 
Spring Fling - Tiffany Yost

Enrichment Programs
Garden Outreach Coordinators - Meghan Russell, Kelly Josephy
Active4me - Marlia Braun active4me.pioneer@gmail.com
Bravo Music - on hold for 2021-22 school year
PTA supported Art Teacher
Library Assistance
After School Clubs and Programs
- Tishan Cowan

Myth Busters!

Let’s also dispel three major myths about getting involved in PTA:


Myth #1: If I pay $15.00 to join the PTA, then I have to attend the meetings.

NO. You attend when you can (if you can); meetings are NOT mandatory. The PTA General meetings are a chance for you to keep abreast of the financial decisions being made about monies raised, as well as other happenings concerning the school and district. 


Myth #2: All membership dues go to the National PTA.

NO. A portion of your dues stays with Pioneer PTA. We encourage all parents to pay for a membership because the $15.00 gives us a head start on the school year and keeps you informed. In part, this means your teachers get to keep all of their paychecks and your children have all the supplies they need. For example, each teacher receives a classroom stipend from PTA funds raised, so that your child’s teacher can purchase much-needed classroom items such as markers, paper materials, etc. for the school year.  


Myth #3: I work full-time, so I can’t possibly find time to volunteer at school.

NO. There are so many opportunities to help with PTA school events and programs that can be done on your own time. There is something for every schedule and interest level. For a full listing and volunteer descriptions, please pick up a form at the school office or visit the PTA website.

Important Fact: This school year, almost every one of your PTA Board members and the majority of  PTA Chairpersons are full-time working parents.